Unspoken Wish EP

December 31st 2013 – 00:00 WIB


We’re proud to announce that our newest EP, Unspoken Wish is now available!

The single of Unspoken Wish EP, I Got You.

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Download Unspoken Wish EP – Promo Kit HERE



Q: What’s the meaning of Unspoken Wish?
A: Everyone always have a secret wish (and of course a lot of wishes). They never told anyone because it’s hard to say or just simply don’t want other know about it. Although it can not be said, there are certainly other ways to deliver it. You can write it, sing it, paint it, or anything else. That’s what we want to convey. Wishes, dreams, and hopes – go and get it.
This EP along with the tour that we did on November 2013 is simply our unspoken wishes.

Q: Why are you release Unspoken Wish EP on the website?
A: We almost put everything in the web. We always told everyone to visit our website. Then we thought that why we don’t release it here. It it will be simple and everyone can stop by to check our story, blog, other song, and everything.



You can order now by text to +6285649988890 – along with your name and delivery location/city also how much cd you want to grab. We’ll get you back with the cost in 1 x 24 hrs. It’s limited only 150 cds.

All delivery by JNE from Malang. All payment by BCA only. Delivery starts on January 2nd 2014.


Unspoken Wish EP CD price: IDR 25K


Shipping price (Please visit JNE.CO.ID to re-check):

OKE : 2 or 3 estimated days

REG : 1 or 2 estimated days

From Malang to Malang : Rp. 4.000 (OKE) | Rp. 5.000 (REG)

From Malang to Surabaya : Rp. 7.000 (OKE) | Rp. 8.000 (REG)

From Malang to Yogyakarta : Rp. 10.000 (OKE) | Rp. 11.000 (REG)

From Malang to Bandung : Rp. 14.000 (OKE) | Rp. 17.000 (REG)

From Malang to Jakarta : Rp. 12.000 (OKE) | Rp. 14.000 (REG)



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